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As the risks of cigarettes become clearer, more and more people each year try to quit smoking, only to relapse into their addiction.  Smokers often have great motivators to quit: 
  • Being alive and healthy for family
  • Fear from watching a friend or loved one succumb to cancer
  • Social stigma
  • High cost of cigarettes when money is tight
Despite the great number of good reasons to quit, time and time again smokers return to smoking.  Quit-smoking products that are replacements for nicotine, like gum or patches, don't change the enjoyment a smoker gets from smoking, and when a quitter is confronted with a cigarette, the old nicotine rush has him hooked again.  However, in the last decade, science has made tremendous steps in creating a nicotine vaccine: a quit-smoking shot that changes the way the body receives nicotine, and the way the brain reacts to it.

In these pages you will learn about these developments and how they can help you or a loved one quit smoking for good.

What is the "smoking vaccine"?  Explanation of how the vaccine works.

How does the vaccine compare to other smoking cessation products?  Comparison of the smoking vaccine to the patches, gums, and other products.

What are the benefits of quitting smoking now?  The facts on what you have to gain by quitting, and why you should do it right now.

How can I get the vaccine?  Information on the development of the smoking vaccine.